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Our Services

Everything we do at Risk HQ is about you and your business.  We seek to understand how you operate, what your objectives are and what is important to you.  Taking this background into account, we can then provide truly personalised services and solutions.  

We work in sectors that we know, understand, and are passionate about. Our expertise lies in health & fitness, active leisure, sports clubs, and hospitality.

Our processes are designed with our clients at the centre at them. We don’t overcomplicate information which results in a smooth and convenient customer journey.

Our Process

Get in touch

Book an initial meeting with us – whether you prefer a call, a video call, or a face-to-face conversation, we will arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Find the right solution

Having a conversation helps us to understand your business, and its challenges and needs – This will assist us in finding a solution that is 100% tailored to you!

Getting a quote

We will get you a quote from one of our top insurers.

Report &

We will recommend next steps. However, our priority is to not dictate operations, but to listen to your needs and tailor.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support. Whenever you need us, we are here to help.